2024 Trash Service Changes

Changes that start Jan. 1, 2024

Starting in January, 2024, the following changes take place immediately:

  • Glass bottles/containers can be recycled in the curbside recycling carts
  • Bulk collection will occur on scheduled days during the SECOND FULL WEEK of each month (WM starts each week with Monday)
    • Bulk items include furniture, appliances, etc.
    • Bulk does NOT include any amount of loose trash bags / extra regular trash bags
    • Bulk items are limited to 2 per month, per household

Automated trash collection will not start until the carts are delivered to homes, later in the first quarter of 2024 (dates TBA).

2024 WM Trash and Recycling Guide & Calendar

WM 2024 Guide

WM 2024 Trash and Recycling Guide for South Fayette 2
WM 2024 Trash and Recycling Guide for South Fayette 1

96-gallon trash cart with wheels

Pictured: Automated trash pickup comes with a wheeled cart like this.

Automated trash collection coming in early 2024

Later in the first quarter of 2024 (dates to be announced), South Fayette Township residents will receive automated trash collection service. Automated recycling already is in effect.

Every household (in single-family homes and residential buildings with four or fewer units) will receive one wheeled cart for automated trash pickup. The carts will be delivered to each home.

There was no option for trash collection to remain exactly the same as it has been in past years. Waste haulers had provided bids for collection services in 19 communities, including South Fayette, through the South Hills Area Council of Governments. Waste Management, the current hauler in South Fayette, earned the 5-year contract.

In September, the township approved a contract with Waste Management for the years 2024 to 2028. The township selected the automated option after reviewing resident feedback and cost scenarios.

The township pays for waste collection services directly through tax revenue; residents are not billed directly.

New - Automated Trash Collection

  • A 96-gallon wheeled cart will be provided free of charge to each home.
    • Residents will have the option to change to a smaller cart (64-gallon or 32-gallon) after 60 days.
      • 96-gallon tote holds approximately 7-8 tall kitchen bags
      • 64-gallon tote holds approximately 4-5 tall kitchen bags
      • 32-gallon tote holds approximately 2-3 tall kitchen bags
    • Once WM has delivered the initial automated trash carts, a household can rent an additional 96-gallon trash cart for a fee of $110 in 2024 to cover the additional cost of collecting and disposing of that additional waste. The annual fee will increase 7% for each year through 2028. To order an additional cart, call WM at 1-800-866-4460 and say “SERVICE CHANGE” to the phone system prompt. You will be directed to an agent to place your order and pay for your cart.
    • Personal, store-bought cans/bins/carts are not permitted.
    • Special arrangements will be made with certain neighborhoods or streets where automated pickup is not possible.
    • Service adjustments for people with limited mobility, unusual topography and other special issues would occur as needed.
  • Carts will be picked up by a truck with an automated arm, like recycling is collected now.
  • All trash must fit inside the cart. Trash outside the cart will not be collected.
  • 2 bulk items per month (furniture, etc.) can be placed at curb, outside the cart, during a designated monthly bulk collection day (2nd full week of each month, with each week starting on Monday).


  • Automated recycling service stays the same.
  • Glass bottles, jugs and jars will be accepted again in the curbside recycling bins.
  • Plastic bottles, jugs and jars #1 & #2 are accepted, as well as tubs (like yogurt tubs) that are marked #5.
  • Recycling bins remain the 64-gallon carts that currently are in use.

Recycling Bins - 2024

Every eligible residence receives one 64-gallon recycling cart for free. The bin stays with the home if you move. It is green with a yellow lid and has the SF township logo on it.

  • In early 2024, please call the township office at 412-221-8700 for information about how to receive an initial recycling cart if you are moving into a newly built home.
  • Additional / second recycling carts will not be available until later in 2024 (date TBA).

Once additional recycling carts are available (date TBA):

  • If you need to purchase an additional recycling cart, you will need to pay an annual fee to WM (Waste Management), which is $93 in 2024 and will increase 7% increase each additional year. The additional cart will have the WM logo (not SF). This fee pays for the additional service.
  • To order an additional cart, call WM at 1-800-866-4460 and say “SERVICE CHANGE” to the phone system prompt. You will be directed to an agent to place your order and pay for your cart.

Please note some areas of the Hunting Ridge neighborhood must use a different type of recycling bin.

Leaf and Yard Waste

  • Special, designated collections of leaf and yard waste will be held periodically, using biodegradable paper bags placed at the curb (same as the current procedure).
  • Outside of these special collections, yard waste is treated like any other trash and must be bagged and placed in the garbage cart.

Survey Results

South Fayette received and reviewed more than 1,100 responses to an online public survey about trash collection services. Township staff is working with Waste Management to address issues and concerns that residents shared.

  • 51% preferred automated collection
  • 40% preferred manual collection
  • 9% were unsure

The majority—60%—said they would not be willing to pay higher taxes for manual collection. Another 34% said they would pay more, and 6% were unsure.