What items are accepted for recycling?

For curbside recycling, all types of recycling may be mixed together and placed in a single container; no sorting is needed.

Please wash-n-squash first. Do not bag recyclables.

All items must fit into the bin with the lid closed. Items placed outside the bin normally will not be picked up.

As of January 2024, these materials are accepted:

  • Glass bottles and containers
  • Plastic bottles, jugs and jars (#1 & #2 except no clam-shells) and plastic tubs (#5)
  • Food and beverage cans (steel, tin, aluminum)
  • Paper (brown paper bags, non-confidential office paper, newspaper, magazines)
  • Flattened cardboard (shipping boxes etc.)
  • Paperboard (cereal boxes, etc.)
These materials are not accepted:
  • Plastics #3-5 & 7 (except plastic tubs marked #5)
  • Dairy and juice cartons, and similar food and beverage containers
  • Plastic bags
  • TVs and other electronics
  • Shredded paper
  • Food waste
  • Liquids
  • Foam
  • Medical waste
  • Anything besides items in the list of accepted materials

Visit Waste Management’s Recycle Often, Recycle Right web page for details on curbside recycling collection.

Recycling is mandatory, according to the township code.

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