Recycling Bins

Recycling cart

About the Bins

Every eligible residence receives one 64-gallon recycling cart for free. The bin stays with the home if you move. It is green with a yellow lid and has the SF township logo on it.

Early 2024:

  • Please call the township office at 412-221-8700 for information about how to receive an initial recycling cart if you are moving into a newly built home.
  • Additional / second recycling carts will not be available until later in the year (date TBA).

Once additional recycling carts are available (date TBA):

  • If you need to purchase an additional recycling cart, you will need to pay an annual fee to WM (Waste Management), which is $93 in 2024 and will increase 7% increase each additional year. The additional cart will have the WM logo (not SF). This fee pays for the additional service.
  • To order an additional cart, call WM at 1-800-866-4460 and say “SERVICE CHANGE” to the phone system prompt. You will be directed to an agent to place your order and pay for your cart.

All single-family homes and residences with four or fewer units, which are eligible to participate in township waste collection, must use the recycling carts that are specifically designed for the automated recycling program. Your home may be an exception if you live in an apartment or townhouse in Hunting Ridge.

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