Bark Park

The new off-leash dog park at Fairview Park opened to the public on May 4, 2023.

The Bark Park is open to the public from dawn to dusk and does not require a permit. Enter at your own risk.

South Fayette Township has built a 5-acre, fenced, wooded dog park in Fairview Park as part of the Mayview site expansion.

Replacing the former off-leash dog zone, the new, 5-acre Bark Park has subtle fencing and wooded, meandering paths in a natural environment with access to shade, benches and water fountains for humans and dogs. It is accessible from the Mayview site expansion of Fairview Park. Follow the park signs to Bark Park.

Bark Park: Off-Leash Dog Park and Nature Trail

  • 5-acre, wooded, fenced, double-gated dog park
  • No permit or fee required
  • 1-mile trail loop, with gravel and paved portions
  • Open to the public; enter at your own risk
  • Off-leash dogs are allowed inside Bark Park boundaries
  • Outside the Bark Park, dogs must remain on a leash at all times in all other areas of Fairview Park
  • Doggie bag waste stations are located throughout the Bark Park; please collect and dispose of waste properly
  • A small-dog section of Bark Park is expected to open in fall 2023

Bark Park Rules

Fairview Bark Park Rules
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Leash Law in Township Parks

Dogs must remain on physical leashes at all times in all parts of township parks, including Morgan Park, Sturgeon Park, Boys Home Park, Preservation Park and the Panhandle Trail.

In Fairview Park, dogs must remain on physical leashes in all parts of Fairview Park, except inside the Bark Park, the designated off-leash dog park.

Owners must have their dogs under control at all times, clean up after their dogs and follow all other park rules and regulations. Please call 911 immediately to report any violations or emergencies.

Allegheny County Dog Licenses

To acquire an Allegheny County dog license, please visit the website for the Allegheny County Dog License Department or stop by the township office for a paper application.

For a Washington County dog license, visit the Washington County website.